School Life at Witheridge C of E Primary School  

Dive in to life at Witheridge school. On this page you will find information about each class and the clubs and activities that they get up to, along with the latest school dinner menus.  
Our detailed programmes of study and schemes of work are based on the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies, the National Curriculum and the Devon County Curriculum Statement (Curriculum policy). A child may be in the same class and have the same teacher for a couple of years, and careful planning ensures that work is matched as closely as possible to their individual needs, ability and experience. This time spent with one teacher provides a continuity of care and teaching that is unique to a small school. 
We currently have four classes as follows: 
Miss Suchacki 
Miss Partridge 
Miss Ratcliffe 
Mr Holding 
Physical Education 
An important part of the curriculum, to encourage our young ones to lead healthy active lifestyles.